Compassionate Solutions for Life's Ups and Downs.

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Are you going through a significant life change that is challenging?  Do you need a compassionate friend?  Are you gong through a loss of a love one, job change, divorce, a move or a loss of a relationship?  I can walk with you through the process for a specific period of time while you are going through the transition.  Sometimes family and friends  though they want to walk with you they can get weary.   I can stand in the gap. It includes  meeting one on one but also includes crisis care.  Contact me today. 

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Whether someone is in crisis or looking for personal or faith development,  as a pastoral care professional I can provide the guidance, skill, relationship, and information needed to promote psychological and spiritual growth and wholeness.

Pastoral care has the goal to serve individuals, couples, families, and community systems in an effort to foster healing, renewal, reconciliation, and transformation.  This solution includes grief care, healing of church wounds and any type of spiritual healing.  I do Senior Care both in facilities and in their homes.  Contact me today.



Do you need someone to officiate your wedding or a funeral of a family member that has compassion for your needs?  I am an ordained minister with years of experience in officiating weddings and in doing pre-marriage counseling. I also officiated many funerals in my career and hold them as a sacred opportunity to share life with others.  I can also walk through the grief process as you go forward.  Finally, I can serve churches in our community by filling the pulpit. Contact me today. 

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Throughout the year we will hosting a few mindfulness and self-compassions.  Also, one 100 days alcoholic free group.  For more information contact me today 



Part of Solution Compassion is an community Engagement aspect whose mission is to understand and have compassion on our neighbor.  We do this by creating immersions based on culture, issue and faith. Please contact for more information.